Bilad Qadeem village teargassed / image via twitter: @RaytAlna9r / 6 Dec 2012 /

Duraz village drowned in tear gas / image via alwefaq / 6 Dec 2012 /

A house in A’ali village full with teargas / photo via alwefaq /

Tear-gassing protesters near country mall, bahrain, 3 Dec 2012

Tear-gassing sanabis protest in bahrain / 23 March 2012 via @iManamaa

Tear-gassing the funeral of Martyr Fadhel AlObaidi via @Bahrain_Rev / 10 March 2012

A protester runs from clouds of tear gas in Saar, Bahrain via Reuters

A protester through a tear gas canister back at riot police in Bahrain via Reuters

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Tear-gassing shops in Saar, Bahrain via @UniqueRebelle